The Cryptocurrency Trade University

Payment Page

4 Steps to Make Payment for Enrollment into any Courses

Below are simple steps you need to take in order, to successfully enroll in any course of your choice. If you are a registered member, you will want to skip to step 3.

Step 1

Register for an account here at TCTU. Upon registration, you will need to log in to your email account to complete the process by clicking on the activation link.

Step 2

Login to TCTU, and take note of the course Title, and your Email (same you used in registering).

Step 3

Now, you can pay for the course using any of the medium Bank Account or Cryptocurrency wallets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Paying with Bitcoin

To pay with Bitcoin, use your email as the sender and pay into the wallet.


Paying with Ethereum

To pay with Ethereum, use your email as the sender and pay into the wallet.


Step 4

Upon payment, make a screenshot as proof of payment and send through the contact form. After 24 hours, your account will have been updated to reflect your payment.